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When complete design or part design is in the scope of Steelion, our designers take the onus of finalizing the scheme and take the approval of the client. If the client has its own team of structural engineers, or wishes to appoint a peer review consultant for vetting our design, the design is shared accordingly. We take complete ownership of our design. The design stage is taken to be completed only when the complete list of drawings for the project are released to the project wing by the design wing post approval from the client or the client appointed architect according to the scenario.


Once the shop drawings are cleared by the design team, the fabrication commences in the factory. The first step of procurement of raw materials for fabrication is only done once it is ensured that the signed off shop drawings are vetted and cleared by the operations wing.


If foundation and civil works are part of Steelion's scope, the foundation works are commenced in parallel to the commencement of the fabrication at factory. The foundation works are planned in such a way that works are completed by the time the fabricated steel members are ready to be received at site.


All men and machinery required for erection are mobilized by Steelion. Erection commences soon after the completion of civil works. Foundation bolts that are inserted prior to the concrete of foundation members act as the base for the steel columns. The steel columns are erected using cranes to hold them steady while bolting is being done at the base. All lines and levels are checked thoroughly during the erection to avoid all sorts of dimensioning related issues.

Columns are inter connected by beams, and these beams are installed during the erection of columns to provide the structure rigidity. Following the completion of a complete level of primary and secondary beams, composite slabs are done which is a combination of cold formed metal decking system, shear studs or other fixing mechanisms, reinforcement and concrete. Concrete is poured on to the decking sheet and thereby eliminating the need for staging, shuttering etc and thus saving valuable time and effort.

Steel members are protected from fire by the use of passive fire protection systems such as vermiculite based system, intumscent based system, board protection system; each varying in its cost and application which may be selected depending on client's requirement and budget.


Building envelope can be executed using conventional brick/block masonry, AAC block masonry, frame with exterior grade fiber cement boards, glass façade, aluminum façade, wet cladding, or a combination of any of these systems. Steelion offers in-house solutions to bring down the structure weight and improve the wall finishes. Typically, building envelope of a steel building is done with a hybrid system consisting of aluminum composite panel backed by dry wall system or a masonry structure. In any case, all provisions that are to be left for the façade erection are in built in the steel members and are captured at the time of fabrication itself.


The internal partitions can be of any type. The systems vary from the conventional block masonry to the most modern dry wall cladding. Steelion has the capability to execute any system with in-house capability to install dry wall system. The internal partition frames are fabricated in house and are installed at site. Following this, any panel of client's choice such as cement fibre boards, calcium silicate boards, gypsum based partitions etc can be fixed. The frames are fabricated according to the layout and the selected finishing material. The sizes of the frames are determined depending on the application and layout of the floors.

Depending on the finishing that is required, the appropriate type of panels are attached to the frames. For internal partitions, many types of panels such as gypsum based partition boards, calcium silicate boards, cement boards etc are used depending on the application and the finish expected.

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