Roofing Accessories


Steelion Gl Coat

Steelion Gl Coat

Steelion GL Coating is a spray coating that blends the finest quality mixture of Aluminium and Zinc Flakes, Blended Resin, Propane that provides...

UPVC Gutters in Kerala


Gutter plays an important role in channelizing rainwater from the roof to a desired location. We are providing beautiful & high quality UPVC gutters by tying up with leading manufacturers...

Ridges and coils

Ridges & Coils

In order to ensure maximum life for roofs and walls, it is necessary that you stick on to the Steelion recommended accessories...

Roofing Accessories

There are different varieties of roofing accessories. Mainly used in the roof and residential construction, these accessories are made using quality raw materials and sophisticated technology. The main motive of using these roofing accessories is to provide a practical, structural and aesthetic value to your home.All the Steelion roofing accessories are available in standard size, thickness, colors and also can be customized according to the client & needs. These products are highly demanded in the market and are mainly used in the building industry for different methods such as cladding and roofing.

Salient Features of Roofing accessories

Rust proof & corrosion resistance

Single moulded with no cuts & joints

Light in weight & easy to handle & install

100% waterproof and weather resistance

High yield strength

Optimum quality

Easy installation

Durable finish standards