Gutter plays an important role in channelizing rainwater from the roof to a desired location. We are providing beautiful & high quality UPVC gutters by tying up with leading manufacturers. These corrugated gutters are designed after carefully analysing the flaws found in similar products in the market and rectifying them masterfully. Our range of elegant and high quality UPVC gutters are made using the finest quality raw materials and can be used to carry water from the roof to a drain or a desired location. Highly reliable, anti-corrosive and leak proof, these GI Gutters are equipped with anti capillary groove that provides a comprehensive leak proof solution. What’s more, these Gutters come to the market at highly affordable prices.


These Gutters are made especially for the purpose of rainwater harvesting
These Gutters are made especially for the purpose of rainwater harvesting
These are proudly Made in India
These are very easy to handle, economical and rust-resistant
Another advantage of these gutters are that all colours can be applied to suit the walls of the building


  • No maintenance required - Gutters contain inbuilt color, single piece casting and smooth glossy finish. They require no maintenance except some cleaning with plain cloth or soap water once in a while. Moreover, the inbuilt color doesn’t fade easily and requires no repainting for a long time.
  • Highly durable - Tough & rigid, it is resistant to even extreme weather conditions. This prevents ageing and helps retain the same lustre, strength, and rigidity for a very long period.
  • Corrosion Resistant - The gutter is a part that is constantly exposed to Water, Factory corrosive fumes, and chemicals. Steelion brings you Gutters that have excellent water and chemical resistance.
  • Easy to handle - These gutters are lightweight and scratch proof, which makes them easy to handle, transport and install at a site.
  • Easy to install - These gutters are fabricated as per the design and shape required and is equipped with an inbuilt step for the ease of joining at the site.

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