Ridges & Coils


In order to ensure maximum life for roofs and walls, it is necessary that you stick on to the Steelion recommended accessories. Poor quality accessories would not only result in reduced life, but also adversely affect the superlative quality of cladding sheets. What’s the point in the main structure having a longer life span, but accessories and cladding materials don’t! This is why it is crucial that the criteria for selecting accessories such as Ridges, Gutters, Fasteners and Flashings must be strictly based on the design life of the structure.Ridges have gained widespread popularity in both the domestic and international markets; thanks to the neat finish they provide to pitched roofs. These ridges are checked vigorously during the post-production phase to completely ensure that they are flawless.


Resistant to various weather conditions
Easy to install
Resistant to abrasion
Impeccable finishing
Highly Durable
Superior strength
Same spec as roofing sheet (AZ70)
High gloss finish


Steelion, with our rich industry experience, is engaged in the manufacturing, supply and trading of the finest quality PPGL Coils. We make absolutely no compromise when it comes to quality, making it fully sure that only the highest grade of steel is used for manufacturing the offered range of coils.We thoroughly inspect the coils to ensure that certain parameters are met, to eliminate the minutest possibilities of defect. Alu-Zinc alloy Coil assure penultimate performance and contains excellent properties such as corrosion resistance, formation and coating. As one of the most prominent manufacturers in India, Steelion adheres to strict quality standards in the manufacturing of our PPGL coils/sheets.


High Quality
Resistivity to adverse conditions
Easy to bend and form

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