Steelion Gl Coat

Gl Coat

Steelion GL Coat is a spray coating that blends the finest quality mixture of Aluminium and Zinc Flakes, Blended Resin, Propane that provides excellent corrosion protection and depicts better forming properties than the conventional steel paints. Developed in house at Steelion, these GL coats can be relied on to achieve a longer service span for your steel components. The spray also highlights improved weldability and formability features thereby becoming the perfect alternative for conventional coatings.By working out the perfect ingredients with the right proportions, Steelion GL coat sprays provide a great amount of coating adhesion and enable proper coating structure. Our coating solution comes as a great option for providing corrosion protection for exposed steel areas like edges, rolls, and curves, besides taking care of damaged parts like scratches and other impacts. Our product comes with the right coating thickness, surface qualities, and surface treatments to perfectly suit all your coating requirements.

Steelion GL Coat Highlights

Long term corrosion protection

Fast drying and excellent bonding

High purity coating

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Directions for use

Shake well before you use, till the movement of steel ball in the can is audible

Hold on 10 to 15 cm from the surface to be coated. Repeat the process if thicker coating is needed.

After each use, turn the can upside down and spray till only the propellant gas comes out.

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