Steelion Smart Roof


Steelion Roof

Steelion roofs are made up of high-quality base metals with carefully implemented Alu Zinc coating, high-performance pre-treatment, primer, special intermediate coat, and top-coat..Learn more...

Roofing Sheet

Steelion Roofing Sheets are one of the most preferred products among both professionals and end-customers today. Being highly durable, strong and tough, they are used both in the industrial as well as domestic circles. These roofing sheets come with high-quality colour coating throughout the roof or cladding(using Beckers paint, the World's best in industrial usage).The thickness of coating varies depending on the weather conditions it is exposed to and its different uses. Steelion roofing sheets are designed with special intermediate layer coating of chemical compound which improves bonding between paint and base metal thus improve durability.

Standard weight & strength

Steelion Roofing Sheets are comes with standard weight and hence easy to use. But make no mistake, these are amazingly strong and tough as well.

Looks great

We’ve made it tough, but it doesn’t mean that we have compromised on its elegance. These sheets are splendidly beautiful and would give your roof matchless beauty.

Wide choice of colors

Not everyone likes all colours. That is why we have for you a range of eye-catchy, trendy and quality colours that would easily make your roof stand out.

Easy to install

Installation of Steelion Roofing sheets is pretty easy when compared to various others. You can get it done, just like that.

Resistant to corrosion

With Steelion Roofing Sheets, you don’t have to worry about corrosion. No matter what the weather condition is, these sheets are extremely corrosion-resistant.


One of the main advantages of Steelion Roofing Sheets is that it is weatherproof. These sheets can even withstand powerful winds.

No tear-off

Being highly durable and strong, Steelion Roofing Sheets doesn’t suffer from tear-offs easily.


These sheets are recyclable, which also means that these are highly eco-friendly. You will never have to throw them away at any point of time.

Fine finish

Steelion Roofing sheets comes to you with a fine high gloss finish, assuring a classy look.

High reflectivity & Low heat conductivity

The low heat conductivity properties of these roofing sheets allows the interior spaces to remain cool and comfy.

Good insulation

Needless to say, a product as good as Steelion would definitely assure good insulation.

Easy on the pocket

Less maintenance costs makes this easy on the pocket.


Available in customized sizes.

Value for money

Available in thickness as mentioned on the sheet. Each piece weighs exactly as displayed, nothing more or less.

Quality accessories

Accessories that match the quality of the sheets are available.


Being of such extraordinary quality, Steelion Roofing Sheets are a widely preferred choice for applications on various spaces and of various kinds. Some of these applications include:

  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping Malls
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Barricading