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Nowadays we can see lots of steel buildings all over the world considering its efficiency and overall benefits. We do believe that India would soon adopt steel buildings in future.

Why Steelion

One of the pioneers in multi storey steel building construction in India
More than 7+ years’ experience in the turnkey multi storied steel building across south india
Turnkey approach
In house design & Project management capabilities
Global procurement network for sourcing best raw material at most competitive pricing
Experienced Fab & Erection team to execute accurate & fast works


Space Efficiency:- Perhaps one of the most important features when it comes to developers or architects. When compared to RCC building, the column sizes are 80% smaller due to the reduced weight and even strength of the steel. Steelion is able to provide height efficiency because the steel beam is lesser as compared to RCC buildings. One of the major advantage is that Steelion provides immense saving of floor to floor height

Reduced Labour Dependency :- The biggest issue nowadays being faced by the construction industry is a huge crunch of labour. The labour dependency for steel prefab buildings is 80% lower when compared to RCC buildings. This is because rather than spending much time on the site, a significant value is achieved in the fabrication part.

Lesser Time Duration for Construction :- Steel prefab buildings are 100% faster than RCC buildings. There should be no more concerns when it comes to pouring, setting time for concrete,curing,staging,shuttering,rebar works etc.Most of the fabrication work happens at the factory, which helps in crashing the schedule.

Longer Span :- Unlike RCC, where the span will be more than 11.5m, for steel buildings, the spans can be as high as 18m. This helps for better space utilization and to set more carpet area.

Reduce Dependency on Weather :- All Steel works can be done irrespective of the weather conditions. Thus giving better control over timelines.

Easier modifications :- Steel Buildings can be modified easily without breaking the concrete,any type of dust and sound, evaluating building strength etc. This enables the builder to make his business plans flexible.

Reduce Dependency on External Factors :- RCC Buildings always have to depend on market conditions and also availability of raw materials. Whereas Steel Buildings are not affected by any of the features. Objections during construction are less since they have reduced vehicle movement, reduced dust and noise.

Better Quality Control :- Since all the fabrications are done automatically, manual dependency is less. As a result, better quality is assured.

Ease of execution and better construction Space utilization :- Unlike RCC Buildings, the inconveniences faced by stakeholders is reduced since there is better space utilization, reduced demand for auxiliary units such as bending yards,quality labs etc.

Reusability :- All Steel materials are 100% recycled. This helps the builder to plan accordingly during his project life.

High-flying possibilities

Steelion Steel Structural Building Solutions come with the advantage of being able to be used on different kinds of projects. These include:

Commercial Buildings

Steelion Steel Structural Building Systems are fully-engineered structures, fabricated at the factory and installed at the Site. Compared to standard designs, these require only minimal steel intake and so, are lighter than conventional commercial buildings.

High Rise Buildings

Right from deriving at the concept to commissioning of high rise structures, Steelion offers all the solutions you would need. Latest design softwares, best material management and transfer techniques are employed every single time to achieve high customer contentment.

Residential Buildings

Steelion is skilled in the art and technology of constructing customized residential buildings that assures a longer lifespan than conventional buildings. Though the foundation is built using conventional structures, the main structure is fabricated at the Site using standardized high-grade steel structures.

Industrial Buildings

Factory buildings, metal structures, manufacturing buildings, process plant buildings – Steelion is capable of designing and constructing a variety of industrial buildings. Whether single or multi-storied, these cater to a number of purposes including technology parks, industrial estates, bottling plants, production units andso goes the list.

Large Span Buildings

These are highly advantageous considering the fact that they ensure speedy construction ,which in turn saves cost. All components are made in factory and this saves wastage. Moreover, these can be transported very easily together and set up quickly, which assures quicker ROI for companies.

Light weight Floor Addition Solution

With Steelion Floor Addition Solutions, you can be assured of our expertise in handling a rich variety of floor additions, even while allowing normal activities to continue within the structure. Alteration or strengthening is comparatively easy with these solutions and pre-fabricated structures can be added or removed easily in a cost-efficient manner.

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Roofing Solutions

Whether it’s your home or any business outings, Steelion roofing solutions covers everything from the start to the completion of your building. Steelion is one of the largest manufacturers with a wide range of customised roofing solutions. We handle multiple portfolios matching our target audience including small scale to large scale enterprises. Our products exhibits superior quality, greater corrosion endurance and long lifestyle. Get in touch with us and choose your ideal roofing plan from our expert builders and architects.

Structural Building Solutions

Steelion Structural Building Solutions is backed by one of the pathfinders of the steel construction industries, who possess two decades of experience in the construction sector. Backed by such great experience, today Steelion is the top favourites in terms of conducting business with complete authenticity, clarity and trust as main indicators. Our portfolio of structural building solutions comprise of finest quality products and services while placing the customer at the forefront of our business. We bring together our expertise to execute the most modern and contemporary practises that delivers the most value for our clients. Top quality products, competitive pricing, satisfactory client experience, and expert assistance becomes our corner stones in business success. We are committed towards ethical sales practises and industry leading business partnerships to deliver the best in the segment for our vendors and clients. Steelion Structural Building Solutions are staffed by experts in the field of steel construction. Get in touch with us at anytime to serving your business needs.

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