Steelion Buildsmart

Steelion Buildsmart

It refers to buildings made with lightweight Galvanized steel sections as primary members and cement fibre boards as floor slab as opposed to conventional RCC buildings.

Why choose light coated steel?

Can be constructed very fast. For instance, 50000 sq ft can be done in 3 months
Being Light in weight, these are only 20-30% of conventional buildings
Resistant to earthquakes. Steel structures are earthquake-proof and offers high ductility. They allow the resistant building steel structures to bend considerably without breaking
It’s dry construction process provides very less disturbance to surroundings and are an ideal choice for renovations
Being recyclable, they are eco-friendly as well

Why Steelion

Steelion is one of the largest specialized turnkey steel building contractors in India, engaged in the production of a high-quality range of Steel Tubes, Roofing Sheets and Roofing Accessories that are fabricated using the latest techniques and superlative materials. Coming in different configurations and sizes, this precision-engineered range can be made in customized sizes and dimensions as per therequirements. 

We are one of the early movers in steel building construction business in India
We are vastly experienced in handling projects of various magnitudes
Steelion has a supplier network the world over, that helps us to source specialised steel building products
Our large procurement capability helps us to bring you price efficiency
We offer a special range of pre fab accessories in order to archive the best results
We work with experienced and expert installation partners
Steelion offers upto 20 years warranty for installation
Our project management team is immensely experienced and skilled
We are gifted with an exclusive in house design team

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